Eleven years ago, I finished my first year of teaching mathematics after transitioning from a career as an attorney. It did not take long for my Calculus students to learn how much I enjoy cooking and eating. They began class on Mondays by asking what my husband and I prepared over the weekend – ricotta gnocchi, stuffed artichokes, escargots?

During these conversations about weekend menus and trips to the Italian Market, I realized that young people are genuinely curious about cooking. So, to share my love of food, I created La Cucina di Poppiti, LLC, to provide cooking instruction to teens. I designed several series of courses, including one on ethnic dishes – Italian, French, and Spanish – and one on items from restaurant kitchens across the United States – from Chez Panisse in Berkeley to Vetri in Philadelphia.

Now, I offer “Pop-Up” cooking classes to adults. In addition, I write a monthly column entitled “The Judicial Palate” for The Journal of the Delaware State Bar Association. My articles focus on recipes as well as restaurant reviews, and an occasional word search.

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