Ramps Have Arrived!

I was thrilled to find the first ramps of the season last weekend.  No, I was not scavenging in the woodlands of the Northeast; rather, I found them in an attractive display at DiBruno Bros. market near Rittenhouse Square in Philly.

These beautiful greens have the fragrance of garlic and the taste of onion – a perfect combination.  The vibrant green leaves as well as the deep rose and white stalks are edible.  Simply cut off the roots and rinse thoroughly before cooking.

Ramps Washed

My favorite preparation, which permits the ramps to shine, is to sauté them in olive oil until tender.  Then add a pinch of French salt.

I served half the bunch last night as the vegetable alongside Pork Milanese and Jasmine rice.  I’m already looking forward to more of my favorite spring greens tomorrow night!


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  1. Susan, I was in DiBruno’s this weekend and obviously missed the ramps. Not surprising, since I have never heard of them before! Thanks for once again teaching me something new. Looking forward to trying them!

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