Salmon and Soba

Last night my husband returned from the fish market with two large salmon steaks.  While we typically enjoy salmon fillets, the steaks were a tasty alternative.  I decided on an Asian theme as I remembered some soba – Japanese buckwheat – noodles among our pastas.

I sautéed the salmon steaks in a nonstick pan with a few tablespoons of salted Irish butter.  The total cook time was about 11 minutes as the steaks were so substantial – we shared one and saved the rest for today’s lunch.  I flipped the steaks back and forth several times with large wooden spatulas so that each side became a golden brown.   After removing them from the pan, I sliced each steak into two along the center bone and topped with chopped chives, French finishing salt and a squeeze of lemon.

For the side, I prepared the soba noodles according to the package instructions, boiling them for 5 minutes and then running cold water into the pot to prevent them from sticking together.  Using a wire ladle, I scooped the noodles into a serving dish and mixed in fresh greens, including baby bok choy and red chard.  A generous drizzle of sesame oil and soy sauce as well as some fresh ground pepper served as the seasoning for the side.

Chopsticks are optional!Salmon


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