Cheese + Pumpkin = Perfect Cheese Board

cheese 2

Today in Honors Algebra 2, my class that has embraced the ingredient of the month, I prepared a cheese board to highlight this month’s star – pumpkin.  We enjoyed five cheeses paired with a pumpkin compote, and the variety gave students an opportunity to sample various textures and sources.  Starting to the left of the crackers:

  • Morbier (France) – a semi soft cow’s milk with vegetable ash through the middle
  • Brillat Savarin (France) – a soft, decadent triple cream cow’s milk (the class favorite)
  • Pepato (Sicily) – a semi hard sheep’s milk with black peppercorns
  • Valdeon (Spain) – a semi soft cow’s milk blue wrapped in chestnut leaves
  • Manchego(Spain)  – a firm sheep’s milk

Please pardon the paper plate…remember, the cheese (and pumpkin) are the stars!

cheese 1

2 responses to “Cheese + Pumpkin = Perfect Cheese Board

  1. Valdeon is one of my absolute favorites! When in Philly I always stop at DiBruno Bros. and pick up a healthy chunk! I am a huge fan of wine and cheese and my dearest friend and I make a point of meeting over cheese & wine at Tria’s to catch up. Susan, if you and Vincent haven’t done so yet, please give Tria a try. There are 2. The one near Rittenhouse is my favorite!

    • Hi Deanna,
      I agree that Valdeon is a great crumbly blue! DiBruno Bros. is a favorite of ours too, especially the original one in the Italian market. Tria is a fabulous recommendation for cheese lovers…have you had the truffled egg toast with fontina fontal? It’s a great comfort food! The frequent changes to Tria’s cheese offerings give guests the opportunity to sample new and interesting cheeses. Many thanks for your comments.

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